Since it’s voting season….

I am undecided on a mascot for my fictional school mascot & thought it would be kind of cool if I  got you all involved! Look at it this way, should the book happen to be successful, you can say you contributed;-) The choice is between the Purple Martin’s or the Salamanders. They both have a significance to South Carolina, where the book takes place. I’d appreciate any input, guys! Except negative input…duh!


My bad…

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t blogged in a while, so….now that I have a month-long break before another bout of school, I can focus on my book again;-) I’ve written 3 new chapters & will be starting another tomorrow. If it stays this hot, I might just stay inside & finish the whole book!

Almost There!

I am so close to graduating so I can devote 99% (there’s still a child to raise) of my time to my book! Everyday I write a little here & there, but I can’t wait for the days that I can stay in pj’s & type away!